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Hands holding an army-green colored macramé heart

Caring for your Macramé Masterpiece

Please DO NOT completely submerge your macramé item in water. Most of my macramé crafts are made from cotton cord, and submerging in water will cause the natural fibers to shrink and change shape as it dries, especially with more intricate patterns.

If needed, spot clean with mild soap and lukewarm water or a stain remover pen.

For wall hangings, hang your macramé as soon as you get it home. Any kinks will naturally fall into place; let gravity do the work! Occasional gentle brushing of fringed areas with a detangling comb or pet brush will keep any fringed parts looking tidy.

To remove dust and accumulated particles on your wall hangings or other home décor, give your macramé a gentle shake, use a lint roller or tape, or use canned air to blow off any particles. 

When hanging your macramé, please be aware of the weight and choose a location and the correct hardware that can support that weight. Unless otherwise specified, most macramé is suitable for indoor use only. Natural fibers are likely to mold if located in a very damp environment. Over time, direct sunlight can bleach out colored fibers, so it is good practice to periodically rotate or choose a spot without direct sunlight to avoid this.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

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